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Types of villas

Aesthetic, Delight Farmvilla in Kerala



Build in 5 cents of land starting from 1000 sqft , this is the basic type of villas available with a reasonable cost.


Build in 7cents of land and starting from 1500sqft this is the most sorted sustainable villas in our project



Build in 10 cents of land and starting from 2000sqft, this is the most lucrative villas in our project with an option of adding a private swimming pool and automatic lift.

Delight Farmvilla in Kerala 

All the nature lovers can relate to the wonderful life of living in a Delight Farmvilla in Kerala, not only the nature lovers but everyone should grab the opportunity to spend some time with mother nature, away from the busy schedules and the city life.


Living in our Delight Farmvilla in Kerala is like living among the lush green forests, surrounded by eco-friendly nature and pure harvests from our farms. We offer our customers fresh, toxic-free fruits and vegetables, at affordable prices.


Additional Benefits you could Avail of Living in Delight Farmvilla in Kerala:


●     Enhances Mental Health

A major advantage of living in nature is reducing stress. Going outdoors, or even watching nature scenes, decreases frustration, anxiety, and tension and increases enjoyable feelings. As a consequence, it can also help lower blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and stress.


●     Boosts Physical Activities

Spending time outside among the green luscious forests of Kerala fights boredom as well and increases self-esteem. Also, being outside helps us feel more involved and alive-a strong enough excuse to get out and travel. It also motivates people to be mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger than before.


●     Promotes Better Health

Another great advantage of living in our Delight Farmvilla in Kerala is that you get easy access to pure organic farm produced fruits and vegetables. These superfoods can prevent inflammation in the body and promote a healthier body.

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